Small Diameter Sealed Drilling Motors

The “Element” Sealed Bearing Motor design is based on simplistic, yet robust components designed through years of experience in the industry. Major components are designed to last through every drilling application and extended service life while minor components are built for cost effective impacts to reduce costs per hour to the operator.

The E-SBSD Series features oversized axial bearings for on and off bottom loads, as well as DU Bushings to handle radial loads during side loading applications. The EOT Drivelines handle all power section providers stall torque ratings as well as RPM outputs.

E-SBSD Motors are the choice for All Drilling Applications from vertical to extended reach horizontals, workovers and drillouts.

All “Element” Bearing Sections are compatible with the EDS Driveline assembly, as well as Adjustable, Fixed Housing and Rotor Catch semblies.