Advance Drilling System

Technical Summary: Provides Consistent and Balanced On Bottom Loading while drilling in Vertical and Directional wells recuing harmful shock, vibrations and harmonics in the drill string.
Works both in Tension and Compression featuring a multi-loading system that operates efficiently during light and heavy loading during a wells development. As weight and energy is stored, maximum ROP and WOB is achieved resulting in less drilling time and consistent well structure.
Extends life and conditions of the drill bit by maintaining consistent WOB and greatly reducing loading and stalling events that can cause damages and trip time due to failure of critical BHA components.
Incorporates a mid tool flex relief area providing the tool to be flexible while in building sections.
Fully Pressure Balanced

Features :

  • Overall length provides required stroke length to maximise loading both in compression and release of stored energy
  • Flexed Relief area reduces bending stresses and maintains consistent tool operations
  • Safety ring’s prevent overloading to stacks and transition loading from lighter stacks to heavier stacks for balanced loading
  • Can run either equal or two sizes of spring stacks, where the lighter side can operate efficiently during light loading, and transition into engaging both stacks while heavier loading to balance all weights applied.