Element Oilfield DA Hydraulic/Mechanical Drilling Jar

The EOT-DAHMJ Jar is a combination Drilling Jar which can be run as a straight Mechanical, Hydraulic Mechanical, or Double Acting Hydraulic Mechanical. The Drilling Jar features a Mechanical Lock to prevent Premature Jarring and is preset prior to being shipped to location with no
need for an additional safety clamp during transportation or handling. The Mechanical Jar is run with a Mechanical Latch and works strictly on
the Preset Latch Setting. The Hydraulic Mechanical Jar is run also with the Mechanical Latch but has a Hydraulic Delay when jarring up and a mechanical force down. The Double Acting Hydraulic also has the Mechanical Latch with the ability to hydraulically delay up and down.

Additional features of the EOT-DAHMJ

• Carbide Internal and External Coatings stands up to brines and chlorides
• Spline system stands up to extreme torsional loads
• Can be run in all Vertical, Directional and Horizontal Applications
• Efficiently run in both Tension and Compression
• Hydraulic delay’s energize drill string during jarring loads and acceleratorsjarring force
• Long life components to minimize costly part repairs and replacements