Centerfire Agitation Tool

Technical Summary:

  • Next Step in Pulsing and Vibration Technology, utilizing pressure pulses without the false vibrations attributed to power section vibration in competitor tools.
  • Features True Centered Axial Pulses creating unmatched vibration downhole without damaging lateral effects which lead to MWD interruptions and fatigue failures throughout the BHA and drill string.
  • With no power section required, fluids and temperature limitations are eliminated, as well as of relining and high service costs.
  • No Carbide Components that historically fracture downhole leading to extensive damage to other BHA Components and pressure issues.
  • Safety feature provides tool stays in open position in the case that operating internal components wear out of spec, tool allows for continued flowrates and no pressure increase.
  • Can be serviced and modified in the field by simply replacing internal components, reducing number of tools required on location and logistics costs for in town servicing.
  • CENTERFIRE assembly is complete with Pulse Enhancement tool designed specifically to enhance pulses and performance.