PET – Pulse Enhancement Tool

Technical Summary: Designed specifically to run in conjunction with the Element CENTERFIRE or any other agitation tool, the PET maximizes pressure pulses from the origin tool greatly increasing tool performance and impacts.
Operates only in compression and shortened stroke length to enhance pulses without loss of energy.
Features multiple load configurations to efficiently operate in specific applications for maximum performance.
With no external porting, wear from harsh fluids and abrasives is greatly reduced saving costs and extending run life.
Carbide Coatings on external components stand up in brines and other drilling fluids that affect chrome areas.
Safety feature ensures that the tool does not overload in high weight instances, maintaining the tool functionality in extreme situations.
Design of sealing floating gland greatly increases performance life while providing a balanced operating environment.

Features :

  • Tool operates only in compression with specific stroke lengths to maximize pressure pulses
  • Internal Spline Design provides maximum torsional capacity
  • Safety limiter ensures tool does not overload in high weight events, maintaining tool functionality
  • Multiple loading configurations to efficiently operate in variable weight application
  • No additional porting in tool, limiting exposure to drilling environment to two sealing areas
  • Cutters can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Floating Seal Gland increases tool life and overall performance of tool