EV2 Mud Lube Motor

“Element EV-2” Mud Lube Motor designs are designed with unconventional tool diameters, allowing the designs to take advantage of increased area to maximise component and internal connections sizes, delivering unmatched torque capabilities and user confidence in wells that demand ultimate performance out of the motor.

The E-MLEV-2 internal and external connections are on average 50% higher than their conventional replacement. Combining the enlarged cross sections of the internal components that provide 40% increased torsional strengths, the EV-2 line of motors are built to withstand all drilling applications.

The E-MLEV-2 Series increased diameters also provide higher flow rate capabilities when paired with the applicable power section, as well as increased and consistent build rates with more wellbore contact.

E-MLEV-2 Motors are the choice for high temperature, high solid, and for all drilling fluid applications.

All “Element” Bearing Sections are compatible with the EDS Driveline assembly, as well as Adjustable, Fixed Housing and Rotor Catch assemblies.